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    Replacing an existing measuring instrument

    that costs 100,000$ for a cost of up to 4,000$ per garage.

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    Giving the ability for any garage

    to do measurement and front direction. A market that constitutes 90% of the garages in the world.

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    Opening new markets

    especially for companies that have car fleet with their own garage (cars, trucks and buses).

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    Opening a market for all car importers

    to install devices in their service garages which will make it easier for the customer and the garage to perform the measurement on the spot.





An optical, portable, inexpensive and simple device for measuring and adjusting geometric parameters of vehicles, which does not need permanent infrastructure nor the allocation of designated space which is required for precise competing devices existing in specialized institutes of wheel alignment.



  • The system does not require work on a horizontally balanced surface.
  • The measurement is performed by laser optical means.
  • Optical gauges will include detectors, miniaturized accelerometers, precision vertical gauges and MEMS miniaturized inclinometers.

Our advantages

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    Works on batteries
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    No need for leveled lifting facilities
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    Do not need a device that requires a large area
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    The set is made up of two devices that assemble on the wheels That’s why it saves spaces/time/costs
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    The cost of the device for the garage is significantly cheaper than the international price
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    Turns any regular garage into a place that has been allowed to perform wheel alignment according to global technologies

Patents and property rights

  • The product is protected by a patent in the United States and Israel. Patent No: USA - 9182224, Israel - 184004.
  • A patent survey was conducted during the registration of the patent that did not indicate a violation of the property rights of others.
  • Intellectual property rights are the sole property of the company and the owner.